Lost in Claustrophobic Thought

by Ancient Tundra

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Thorn Skarthborg
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Thorn Skarthborg This album is loaded with amazing atmosphere, which Nick/Ancient Tundra is known for accomplishing with his releases. The smothering despair, isolation and loneliness are felt in every note as beautiful passages sweep through allowing for a moment of breath. I can not recommend Ancient Tundra highly enough! Favorite track: The Feeble Sickness and Depressive Rot.
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This material was actually written back in 2009 and was the start of a planned concept album about the life story of a reclusive hermit.
The album was supposed to have seven tracks in total, but only 4 were ever completed.

The track "The Feeble Sickness and Depressive Rot" was actually on the 2008 full-length album but is quite fitting as the last track on this makeshift release. Another completed track "All Light Has Since Escaped Me", originally written and planned as a 17 minute track was never completed but the parts which were ended up being my favourite material from this era. I am currently working on touching up this track for a separate single release which will come later.

Obviously, this material having been written / recorded about 7 years ago shows a certain lack of "maturity", but this would have been the start of Ancient Tundra's evolution from a Dark Ambient project into an Ambient / Atmospheric Black Metal project, a direction I was planning to go further into with the project should it have continued.

The past is the past and though I am not fully satisfied with the material presented here, nor am I happy with the extensive hiatus the project went on starting in 2010 (a couple splits with Old Forgotten Lands and Symbiosis were recorded and released after this material) I am still excited to share this old material for those who might care, and ultimately I am most excited to continue the work towards a new full-length of brand new material this winter.


released November 16, 2016

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Ancient Tundra Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Ancient Tundra plays cold ambient Black Metal from the vast white plains of Central Saskatchewan.

"I Walk Through Vast White Fields, Journey Across Barren Lands"

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Track Name: Lost in Claustrophobic Thought
I am, descending, dead
I crave, a moment, of life
Alone, choking, insane, failing
I have, no more, desire, to exist

I am noone without her
I am but a lonely poet, dreaming
Living off the land and sea
The Misery of a hermit left to die

(To die)

Within the Midst of Winter
A depression deeper than the forest itself
Which holds my life, holds my meaning
Holds my legacy and holds my misery
Holds my triumphs, holds my failures
Holds my gloom and will now hold my tomb
Desolate screams cry out for eternity
Lost and Unheard, the void strengthens

A perceived notion of great beauty
Existance on the planes of this earth
But beauty fades away, as does life
And the only salvation is death

Solitude, Nostalgia, Fading, Embracing
Loneliness, Desolation, Hatred and Disgust

Succubing to the
Horrors in my mind
Reality of this world
Persists and holds
Even in these barren landscapes
Of these northern lands
I find myself trapped
Lost in Claustrophobic Thought

I am, descending, dead
I crave, a moment, of life
Alone, choking, insane, failing
I have, no more, desire, to exist