All Light Has Since Escaped Me

by Ancient Tundra

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This is the final version of the song "All Light Has Since Escaped Me", which was originally written in 2009. The original version was fully recorded with less than optimal recording equipment, especially in the case of the guitar amp. Originally, this track was meant to be part of a larger concept album I was working on at the time, which sadly, never came to be.

Once Ancient Tundra came back to life and new material began to be worked on in the fall of 2016, I decided to revisit this old song, of which I had the recorded file from 2009 but not the original instrument files. Therefore, I was unable to adjust anything from the recording, and only able to add new layers, unless I decided to rerecord the song from scratch. With limited time, and wanting to focus on new material instead, I decided to simply add a few more layers to the recording, and asked Damian Smith - the vocalist of Altars of Grief - if he would like to do guest vocals on the song. Luckily, he was interested and agreed to do so, which I believe really brought the song to life. He did a great job on the lyrics as well, writing words along the lines of what was originally envisioned for the song way back in 2009.

The material which is being worked on right now has a different (and I would say, more mature) writing style than this song, and of course the recording quality will be improved on the new material, so I thought this song would work best as a stand-alone digital single! So now, nearly 8 years after this song was written, it has finally been completed and released!

Thanks for listening!


released February 6, 2017

Nicolas Skog - All Music
Damian Smith (Altars of Grief) - Vocals, Lyrics

Album cover by: N Skog



all rights reserved


Ancient Tundra Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Ancient Tundra plays cold ambient Black Metal from the vast white plains of Central Saskatchewan.

"I Walk Through Vast White Fields, Journey Across Barren Lands"

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Track Name: All Light Has Since Escaped Me
Frail life descends into bitter silence
Again, I retreat to drown in my mind
Scratching at the walls of my skull
For some way out - solace never comes

All light has since escaped me
The burden of hope
Forces me back down
All light has since escaped me
The burden of hope
Drags me under again

I’ve given up on all I’ve ever loved
I crawl back to you; back to my chains
I can feel my own thoughts decay
I surrender my will to endure

Carried away on tides of grief
Struggling to stay above the black waves

Dust veils my skin
My body, a tomb
This blood, this soul
Are not mine anymore

The rain falls

Carried away on tides of grief
Struggling to stay above the black waves